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Essay Essentials with Readings, 5th Edition
Canadian Text Essay Essentials with Readings , 5th Edition
Sarah Norton
Brian Green
ISBN-10: 0176501878  ISBN-13: 9780176501877

Table of Contents

Introduction: What, Why, and How to Learn to Write

Part One: Planning
Chapter 1: Your Audience and You
Chapter 2: Selecting a Subject
Chapter 3: Managing the Main Points
Chapter 4: Writing the Thesis Statement
Chapter 5: Preparing an Outline

Part Two: Drafting
Chapter 6: Understanding Paragraph Form and Function
Chapter 7: Writing Introductions and Conclusions
Chapter 8: Keeping Your Readers with You
Chapter 9: Choosing the Right Words

Part Three: Revising
Chapter 10: The Three Steps to Revision

Part Four: Patterns of Essay Development
Chapter 11: Researching Your Subject
Chapter 12: Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting
Chapter 13: Documenting Your Sources
Chapter 14: Formatting a Research Paper

Part five: The Research Paper
Chapter 15: Three Basic Strategies
Chapter 16: Process Analysis
Chapter 17: Classification and Division
Chapter 18: Comparison and Contrast
Chapter 19: Causal Analysis
Chapter 20: Argumentation

Part Six: Readings
Joseph Sheppach, "Thinking Unbound"
Will Ferguson, "Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw
Richard Lederer, "How I Write"
Malcolm Gladwell, "How to Be a Success"
Geoffrey Rowan, "Getting Pancake Sauce from Trees"
Rick Groen, "The Magic of Moviegoing"
Matt Carmichael, "Get Radical, Get Some Rest"
Dennis Dermody, "Sit Down, Shut Up, or Don't Sit by Me"
Nick Matamis, "The Term Paper Artist"
David Bodanis, "Toothpaste"
Sara R. Howerth, "The Gas-Electric Hybrid Demystified"
Victor Chen, "Justice and Journalism"
Olive Skene Johnson, "For Minorities, Timing is Everything"
Deenu Parmar, "Labouring the Walmart Way"
Gabor Mate, "Embraced by the Needle"
Anwar F. Accawi, "The Telephone"
Livio Di Matteo, "Arts Education Does Pay Off"
Carmen Joy King, "Quit Facebook"
Kevin Myers, "The Country the World Forgot"
Rubi Galafalakis, "No Sweat?"
Max Fawcett, "Google Never Forgets"
Hal Niedzviecki, "Stupid Jobs are Good to Relax With"
Maria Amuchastegui, "Farming it Out"

Part Seven: The Essentials Workbook: A Review of the Basics
Sentence Structure
A: Cracking the Sentence Code
B: Solving Sentence-Fragment Problems
C: Solving Run-On Problems
D: Solving Modifier Problems
E: The Parallelism Principle
F: Refining by Combining
A: Mastering Subject-Verb Agreement
B: Using Verbs Effectively
C: Solving Pronoun Problems
A: The Comma
B: The Semicolon
C: The Colon
D: Quotation Marks
E: Question and Exclamation Marks
F: Dashes and Parentheses
A: Hazardous Homonyms
B: The Apostrophe
C: The Hyphen
D: Capital Letters
E: Numbers