Intentional Interviewing and Counseling
Facilitating Client Development in a Multicultural Society (with CD-ROM) , 7th Edition
Allen E. Ivey - Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Mary Bradford Ivey - Consultant, Microtraining/Alexander Street Press
Carlos P. Zalaquett - The Pennsylvania State University

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About This Book


Over 450 databased studies and years of field testing attest to the effectiveness of the Microskills model in INTENTIONAL INTERVIEWING AND COUNSELING: FACILITATING CLIENT DEVELOPMENT IN A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY! Available with an interactive CD-ROM (which can be packaged with the text), this hallmark text enables students of many backgrounds to master basic skills in a step-by-step fashion, thus rapidly empowering them to conduct a full interview using listening skills. Along the way, they are challenged to re-evaluate their current behaviors and perceptions, thus gaining valuable insight about themselves, their strengths, and the areas where they can develop further. By the time they finish reading the text, they will have the ability to adapt their skills to meet both individual and multicultural uniqueness, conduct interviews using five different theoretical approaches, and be well on their way to developing a personalized style and theory of interviewing and counseling that matches their own aptitudes and affinities.

Table of Contents

As We Begin: Interviewing and Counseling as Science and Art
Chapter 1: Toward Intentional Interviewing and Counseling
Chapter 2: Ethics, Multicultural Competence, and Wellness
Chapter 3: Attending Behavior: Basic Communication
Chapter 4: Questions: Opening Communication
Chapter 5: Observation Skills
Chapter 6: Encouraging, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing: Key Skills of Active Listening
Chapter 7: Observing and Reflecting Feelings: A Foundation of Client Experience
Chapter 8: Integrating Listening Skills: How to Conduct a Well-Formed Interview
Chapter 9: The Skills of Confrontation: Supporting While Challenging Clients
Chapter 10: Focusing the Interview: Exploring the Story From Multiple Perspectives
Chapter 11: Reflection of Meaning and Interpretation/Reframing: Helping Clients Restory Their Lives
Chapter 12: Influencing Skills: Five Strategies for Change
Chapter 13: Skill Integration: Putting It All Together
Chapter 14: Microskills and Counseling Theory: Sequencing Skills and Interview Stages
Chapter 15: Determining Personal Style and Future Theoretical/Practical Integration
Appendix I: The Ivey Taxonomy: Definitions and Predicted Results
Appendix II: Counseling, Neuroscience, and Microskills
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Why You Need It

All of the exercises and resources on the Interactive Resource CD are now available online and formatted into a powerful study tool, CengageNOW, which provides students the chance to test their knowledge, get a personalized learning plan to help them study effectively, and a post test to evaluate what they've learned.
Readers are shown, step by step, how to conduct effective motivational interviewing counseling, assertiveness-training sessions, decisional interviews, and person-centered interviews.
The text helps students master listening and influencing skills, integrate these skills into full interviews, and develop beginning mastery of various approaches to theory.
The "Portfolio of Competencies" provide students with a wide variety of exercises and assessment systems, and are designed to help students examine themselves and their orientation to theory and practice.
Ethics and multicultural understanding form the foundation of the Microskills hierarchy and students are encouraged to consider these issues throughout the text. Wellness and positive psychology has been added to this foundation with specifics for conducting a wellness assessment.
Each chapter features a sample interview with detailed process notes, research boxes that show the background of important skills, and boxes and tables that outline key aspects of the text in more detail.
Case studies and boxes in every chapter provide students with a variety of examples.
The text illustrates how students can sharpen their observation skills and expand those techniques into self-observation as well as observation of the client.

What's New

The microskills model is the most thoroughly researched and classroom tested counseling skills text available. In latest version, every concept and sentence has been reviewed to ensure clarity and relevance. This results in streamlining that will be easier to read and also provide more information and specifics. And, of course, updated research findings highlight the text.
Relationship--story and strengths--goals--restory--action is a new formulation of the popular five-stage interview structure. This language change integrates these concepts and helps students understand and utilize microskills more effectively. The model also makes is easier for students to generalize the five stages to multiple theories and practices in human relations, social work, counseling, and psychotherapy.
Reflection of meaning and interpretation/reframing are now presented in a new chapter 11. In addition to more depth, students will have a better opportunity to understand and practice the relationship of these two central influencing skills
Increased integration of cutting edge neuroscience with counseling skills. We now know that interviewing and counseling change the brain and build new neural networks in both client and counselor through neural plasticity. Neuroscience and its specific impact on interviewing practice has been enhanced, including an appendix with additional practical implications. Students will find that virtually all their learning in the counseling field is supported by bio-psychological research. This material will better enable students to plan the type of interventions likely to be most successful.
Cognitive behavioral therapy and how to's of practice have been added to Chapter 14 where you will find a complete transcript on how to use stress management in the session. Assertiveness training has been removed but added in its entirety to the CD and Cengage NOW so it is still available to students.
Predicting skill and interview outcome. We can predict how microskills will affect client conversation. Each microskill is clearly defined with its predicted outcome in the session. Needless to say, the root concept of intentionality reminds us that predictions are never perfect and that it is critical have another response ready for the constant unexpected we find in interviewing and counseling.
Multicultural issues and competencies are constantly emphasized in this path-breaking text, the first to recognize cultural differences in the counseling process.
An interactive, dialogical view of the interview. The interview affects both client and counselor. New and special attention is given to this interaction in which the language and brain of both counselor and client are changed throughout the process. Students will understand the concepts of consciousness, short-term memory and how their skills can help the client move new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to long-term memory
The Client Change Scale (CCS) represents a change of language and expansion of the Confrontation Impact Scale. The authors point out how the CCS can be used to assess client change in both the here and now of the interview and over several sessions.

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