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Where Ideas and Collaboration Drive Success

Led by James Reeve, VP, with operations in Toronto Ontario; Nelson Education is a premier higher education publisher. Offering choice and value through innovative teaching and learning solutions, Nelson Universities and Colleges build on a tradition of customer focus, quality and service.

Each of our business units offers market-leading solutions by outstanding scholars and teachers, designed to meet the evolving needs of instructors and students. We are committed to offering a spectrum of choices, in a range of formats and prices, including textbooks, eBooks, audio books, custom texts, and solutions that combine both print and electronic resources. This vast and flexible array of choice enhances our ability to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Our History

Nelson Universities and Colleges draw on the rich publishing histories of its various business units that together represent more than 200 years of innovation and publishing excellence.

  • South-Western Cengage Learning (Business and Economics) recently celebrated its 100th anniversary as an innovator in meeting the needs of all students of business. South-Western meets the lifelong needs of all students and teachers of business and economics with innovative, customer-centered solutions.

  • Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning (Mathematics, Statistics, and the Sciences). Founded as Brooks/Cole in 1966 in Monterey, California, Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning draws on a 40-year tradition of innovative, customer-centric publishing. Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning is committed to superior customer service and offers a spectrum of print and digital choices for instructors and students. Brooks/Cole’s premiere statistics list is published under the Duxbury imprint.

  • Wadsworth Cengage Learning (Social Sciences and Humanities) was founded as Wadsworth in 1956 in Belmont, California, by three young entrepreneurs driven by the innovative idea of providing an alternative perspective to conventional publishing programs. Wadsworth Cengage Learning has been providing solutions to instructors and students for nearly 50 years. Other brands included in social sciences and humanities are:
    • Heinle Cengage Learning (World Languages). Founded as Heinle & Heinle in Boston more than 20 years ago, Heinle is currently the only specialized, multi-level, full-service, integrated language publisher in the higher education market and enjoys a reputation for service and publishing excellence.
    • Schirmer Cengage Learning (Music) The Schirmer name has been synonymous with quality music publishing since 1861 when Gustav Schirmer established his sheet music publishing house. Schirmer Books was established in 1970 and today offers a distinguished list of textbooks for students of music.

  • Nelson Custom Solutions (Custom Publishing) was founded in 1995 and is the fastest growing market segment in higher education. Custom Solutions is leading the way with new business models and innovative technology-based solutions. Our expertise in this area makes it possible to partner closely with faculty to develop customized teaching and learning solutions that exactly match the syllabus and course goals.

Our Vision

Ideas and collaboration drive our business. We believe that truly powerful ideas can change the way the world learns… so much so, that harnessing ideas to improve education is our primary goal.

At Nelson Universities and Colleges, we are extremely proud to have been selected as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada in 2006, according Report on Business magazine. Our people are encouraged to collaborate, envision the future and take risks to develop ground-breaking solutions that really make a difference in the lives of students and faculty. As a result of this philosophy, our authors and employees focus their creative energies to publish valuable resources and apply innovative ideas that truly optimize the teaching and learning environment in Canada.

While always forward looking, we are grounded in timeless fundamentals essential to success in publishing:

  • A Dedication to Quality
  • Value of Author Relationships
  • Embracing the Future
  • An Entrepreneurial Vision
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Commitment to Excellence

These are the qualities Nelson Universities and Colleges brings to our publishing partnerships, customers and employees. It is these commitments, along with our customer-focused philosophy, that have made us the pre-eminent higher education publisher in dozens of major disciplines. The depth and breadth of our offerings afford us unmatched ability and confidence to provide complete solutions at all levels of the curriculum.