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Technical Support Contacts for your Nelson and Cengage products

If you are having difficulty with any of our products, please consult the resources listed below.

Please note: If the contact information for a technical support person is provided to you when you encounter a problem please contact the number provided.

Assistance with the Nelson Education website

Assistance with Nelson Education companion site password or login inquiries,

Contact: University and College

Contact: School K-12

Contact: Assessment and Guidance

Assistance with other Nelson Education Web site inquiries,

Contact: Webmaster

Assistance with Nelson Education and Cengage Engineering computer-based products including support for Harcourt, Irwin, Norbry, Reidmore, and Gage:

Contact: Nelson Education Product Technical Support
Phone: 1-888-632-9512

Assistance with Course Technology and Delmar publications including SAM, Chilton, Automotive, Medical and Trade products:

Contact: Course Technology and Delmar Support
Phone: 1-800-648-7450
Web site:

Assistance with Cengage Learning Products including South-Western, Brooks-Cole, Wadsworth, and Heinle publications and companion sites:

Contact: Cengage Learning Technical Support
Phone: 1-800-423-0563
Form: Click here
Live Help: Click here
Web site:

Instructor assistance with WebCT or Blackboard ePack

Contact: Nelson Education ePack Technical Support
Phone: 1-800-668-0671 Ext 4416
Use of ePack Support: Nelson Education will provide phone support for the installation and download of a Nelson ePack. However, it is the responsibility of the University/College to maintain broken links or inoperable files as a result of changes that may occur within the course cartridge after the initial installation.